Light cables

The new high performance fibre optic cable by ERPA demonstrates increases in transmission capacity of upt to 50% over conventional fibre optic cables.

The reason: the optical fibres are not bonded by adhesives, as has been customary, but molten “together” by means of a new procedure, which increase both their transparency and their heat resistence.

In addition, this high performance fibre optic cable can be supplies with all of the normal connections and is thus compatible with the majority of manufacturers.

The cable is flexible, can be autoclaved, and comes with strain relief and inbuilt anti-kink protection. It is compatible with both Xenon and halogen light sources.

The fibre optic cable is available in following sizes:

  • Ø 3.5 or 4,8 mm
  • 230 cm, 300 cm or 350 cm working length