Diathermy instrument tester DTU6

The Brocacef DTU6 is a non-destructive insulation tester for diathermy Instruments which can reduce the unnecessary disposal of diathermy equipment and increase safety for surgeons and patients.

The DTU6 can detect the slightest break in the insulation of adiathermy instrument. Such a break can be very difficult and time consuming to detect visually, yet may be sufficient to give a patiënt serious burns or the surgeon a distracting shock. The DTU6 can be used thousands of times per year, bringing down the cost of testing diathermy Instruments and saving hospitals considerable cash drain by eliminating the unnecessary disposal and replacement of non-faulty Instruments.

The DTU6 is fully portable and lightweight. lts microprocessor-based design incorporates output voltage supervision and output power limiting for increased operator safety. The DTU6 is mains adaptor or battery powered. Simple to set up and operate, the DTU6 indicates insulation faults by means of an audible alarm and high visibility red LED.

The diathermy instrument is simply passed through an electrode with the whole operation taking no more than a few seconds. An alternative electrodes is available for tweezers.


  • Clear LCD display
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Full range of electrodes available
  • Membrane button operation
  • Mains / battery powered (4 AA cells)
  • Power limited output for operator safety
  • Wipe clean control panel and case
  • Auto shutdown
  • Easy to use
  • CE approved
  • Warranty 2 years