february 06 2010

Since January 2010, Aequitas-Medical represents the company WISAP, Gesellschaft für wissenschaftlichen Apparatebau mbH, on the Belgian market.  The product range consists of a morcellator, morcellation instruments, a uterus-manipulator and uterus-adaptors.

Wisap is a German company, successfully active in the world of endoscopy for more than 40 years.

The company’s history started with the development and series production of a universal CO2-pertubation unit. In 1963, there was the development of the first CO2-insufflator worldwide; followed by controlled CO2-insufflation and the "Quadro-Test”, which are linked with the name WISAP.

Intense collaboration with opinion leaders has led to the development of specific lines of instruments for a wide range of endoscopic procedures.

A lot of these developments and innovations, amongst which is the morcellator, have been performed thanks to Prof. Dr. Kurt SEMM.

The WISAP quality assurance system guaranteeing the high-quality level of our products was tested and certified to the standards of DIN EN ISO 13485/DIN EN 46001 and the EU-guideline 93/42/EWG, especially valid for medical products.

The GMP-guidelines of the U.S. Food & Drug Adm. are also fully complied with.

For more information about the full WISAP portfolio, we refer you to http://www.wisap.com.