Endoscope accessories

december 03 2013

2 new accessories for endoscopes enter our product portfolio :

  • endoscope-i

    Combining an App (downloaded from the App store) and the endoscope-i clip, will allow you to take pictures or make video images in real time of your endoscopic examinations on your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. This is the ideal tool to share footage with colleagues, to teach or to inform patients.
    You will find more info under Products.
  • portable LED light source

    A small portable light source that is compatible with rigid and flexible endoscopes, with variable light intensity.
    Easy to set up and without light-cables that can be hindering during examinations.
    More info over this device under Products.

The combination of endoscope-i and the portable light source will enhance the future of endoscopic examinations.