MID (Minimally Invasive Devices) Inc.


A new product range is now available: FloShield Air TM and FloShield Plus TM from the company Minimally Invasive Devices INC.


FloShield Air gives active lens protection etn is a cost effective, all-inclusive solution for maintaining larparoscopic clarity.


FloShield Air delivers continuous defogging during laparoscopic surgery.

This is obtained via Vortex Barrier Technology. This provides a continuous flow of dry  CO2 over the tip of the scope and dramatically reduces the need to remove the scope for cleaning.


FLoShield Air creates a CO2 barrier on the tip of the scope that shields it from condensation, smoke and debris.  


Heating the scope is a thing of the past with FloShield Air.


Continuously defogs in situ

Pushes away smoke and debris by the CO2 barrier

            Dramatically reduces scope removals for cleaning.


FloShield Plus takes us a step further:

Laparoscopic procedures shouldn’t be lengthened by vision loss and scope removal.

FloShield Plus includes both Vortex Barrier Technology met Flo-X in situ.

Flo-X is the first intra-operative flush that can be used to clean a scope during surgery in the body.

The scope can be quickly cleaned when abrupt loss of vision occurs, without having to remove the scope from the patient.


FloShield Plus replaces

            Anti-fogging solutions

            Anti-fog “lens care kits”

            Heated tubing

            Scope warmers

            Covidien Crearify TM

            Hot water/thermos


FloShield Air & Plus can be used for:

General surgery/Gynaecology/Oncology/Bariatric/Urology/Cardio-thoracic surgery and for transplants.

For more information, we refer you to their website at:http://floshield.com/